Beyond Philly was beyond tasty

Even though I am currently on a diet, when my husband said, “Where do you want to go for lunch? I will go wherever,” I chose a place I have really wanted to try: Beyond Philly in Blue Point, New York.

The location is a small blue cottage at the end of a small strip of shops on Montauk Highway in Blue Point. It used to be an ice cream shop called Sprinkles, but that didn’t last.

When I walked in, there were a few people eating at the tables inside, but I was taking mine to go. I didn’t have to wait long for my meal and it was a Saturday afternoon.

I ordered TK a Tornado in Philly and got myself a Greek Chicken. I also bought my son a Grilled Cheese which was only $2.99. Bargain!

The Tornado in Philly which was a cheesesteak with a potato in it. He loved it. I had the Greek Chicken which was chunks of marinated chicken, onion, lettuce and tomato with yogurt sauce. The chicken was very flavorful and I would get that same chicken in any sandwich. It was a pleasant surprise because a lot of chicken ends up dry or just boring. This was the opposite. I really enjoyed the combination of flavors from the chicken and the yogurt sauce.

The most shocking of the whole meal was that my son ate his whole grilled cheese sandwich, which was not small by any means. He never finishes anything except macaroni and cheese, but he was a big fan of this.

Fortunately, we tried Beyond Philly and really liked it. Their menu is full of reasonably priced, unique sandwiches. We will definitely be back to try some other options.

Beyond Philly, 168 Montauk Highway, Blue Point, NY, 631.868.3896


AJ’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese Shop

Grilled cheese may be one of the most basic, yet delicious meals. In Bay Shore, AJ’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese Shop is putting bread and cheese together to make something tasty.


No grilled cheese is complete without a cup or bowl of Tomato Soup. So, I started off with a small cup of my own. They even offer Grilled Cheese Sticks to dip into the Tomato Soup, if that’s your thing. Of course, I wanted a full sandwich, so I ordered the Big T. It added sliced honey maple turkey to cheddar and two slices of sourdough. The turkey added saltiness to the creaminess of the cheese and the crunch of the bread. It was a truly great sandwich.


All sandwiches come with Homemade Potato Chips and they make a dipping sauce for them and for their tater tots as well. I ordered the tater tots, but they were pretty basic. However, the chips were crunchy and tasted fresh. They are a great bonus to any sandwich.


TK also ordered a side of Lobster Mac & Cheese that had huge chunks of lobster in it and curly noodles. We also got regular Mac & Cheese for our son that I ended up eating a few days later.

If you like grilled cheese, there are 13 different varieties at AJ’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese and you need to get started. Wait, make that 14 if the Special of the Month is a sandwich.

AJ’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese, 182 W. Main Street, Bay Shore, NY, 631.647.9292

Say C’est Cheese

One night in January, we went out for our friend Katie’s birthday to C’est Cheese in Port Jefferson, N.Y. The place was very cute and pleasant. We had a lot of people with us, but we all had space to talk and Jared Roeser was performing some covers in the corner for our listening pleasure.

There was a large list of sandwiches, salads, beer, wine, specials and cheese, of course. I picked a beer and then tried to choose a sandwich because I am not a fan of many cheeses, especially the smelly ones which my dad says are the best ones. I decided on the Baja and TK ordered the Cubano. My sandwich had Grilled Chicken, Spicy Monterey Jack, Roasted Red Peppers, Basil Pesto and Mayo. It was served warm and melty, and I enjoyed it. TK’s sandwich had Ham, Swiss Cheese, Pickles and Mustard, and he did not love it. He was pretty annoyed with me that we did not share a cheese plate, but since I enjoyed the place, I told him we could get it next time. TK’s sandwich also came with a Mixed Green Salad and a zesty vinaigrette which I stole and enjoyed.

After I had my one beer, I decided to have one of their natural sodas and chose the blackberry. It was light and refreshing, and it did not have the sugary taste of a cola, thankfully. A couple of my friends decided to take some cheese to go and the staff, including Chris, were very helpful and friendly. I tasted a goat cheese that I thought was gross and then a cheddar that was more my taste.

I know we will return to C’est Cheese in the near future because I have a friend that works there and it is a nice, calm place to hang out with friends.

For All Lovers of Cheese … and Burgers

Johnny's Stack

Johnny’s Stack

If you love cheese, there is a burger that you cannot live without at Johnny’s Burgers in Centereach, NY. This month the Burger of the Month is Johnny’s Stack and it is SERIOUS.

The Johnny’s Stack is (wait for it) a burger between two GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES! Yep, you read that correctly. The burger is between two grilled cheese sandwiches with (it gets better) added bacon and cheese. Please check out the picture for evidence that this burger really exists. The burger was stacked pretty high and my father could only finish half of it, especially because the fries that we ordered were so delicious. They are fresh-cut, salted, crispy and great. Ketchup wasn’t even necessary and the large was more than enough for three people.



The burger that I got was a regular cheeseburger, but there is the option to get a double, if you want. There is also the option to get a ton of free toppings, such as: lettuce, onions, fried onions, tomatoes, BBQ sauce, ketchup, pickles, mayonnaise, mustard, hot peppers, relish and hot sauce. You can also add bacon for a buck.

Johnny's Fries

Johnny’s Fries

The menu also includes hot dogs, milk shakes, malts, onion rings, wings, sandwiches and soups. So, if you are on your way to the Smith Haven Mall, stop for a quick burger or a quick burger between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

Johnny’s Burgers, 2332 Middle Country Road, Centereach, NY, 631.676.3826