Beyond Philly was beyond tasty

Even though I am currently on a diet, when my husband said, “Where do you want to go for lunch? I will go wherever,” I chose a place I have really wanted to try: Beyond Philly in Blue Point, New York.

The location is a small blue cottage at the end of a small strip of shops on Montauk Highway in Blue Point. It used to be an ice cream shop called Sprinkles, but that didn’t last.

When I walked in, there were a few people eating at the tables inside, but I was taking mine to go. I didn’t have to wait long for my meal and it was a Saturday afternoon.

I ordered TK a Tornado in Philly and got myself a Greek Chicken. I also bought my son a Grilled Cheese which was only $2.99. Bargain!

The Tornado in Philly which was a cheesesteak with a potato in it. He loved it. I had the Greek Chicken which was chunks of marinated chicken, onion, lettuce and tomato with yogurt sauce. The chicken was very flavorful and I would get that same chicken in any sandwich. It was a pleasant surprise because a lot of chicken ends up dry or just boring. This was the opposite. I really enjoyed the combination of flavors from the chicken and the yogurt sauce.

The most shocking of the whole meal was that my son ate his whole grilled cheese sandwich, which was not small by any means. He never finishes anything except macaroni and cheese, but he was a big fan of this.

Fortunately, we tried Beyond Philly and really liked it. Their menu is full of reasonably priced, unique sandwiches. We will definitely be back to try some other options.

Beyond Philly, 168 Montauk Highway, Blue Point, NY, 631.868.3896


So Glad Local Burger Co. is Local

I love burgers and the messier they are, the better. I am always looking for unique burger joints that put all kinds of toppings on their patties, and Local Burger Co. in Bay Shore is one of them.


TK ordered the Return of the Mac. It comes with homemade mac & cheese, cheddar cheese and bacon on it. The mac & cheese wasn’t overpowering and the burger was not dry. He thought it was excellent and it was one of the better burgers he’s had. This burger may not be on the menu at the location, so you may have to ask for it, special, from your server. He also ordered the Southern Style Baked Beans and loved them because there is meat in the recipe.


I ordered the Smokeshow and it had pulled pork, slaw, pickles and the house BBQ sauce. I really enjoyed this burger. The sauce was zesty, the pork was sweet, the slaw was cold and the pickles were sour. It was a great mix of flavors and the beef was top notch. I also asked for the Sea Salt and Truffle Fries. The taste was subtle on the fries, but they are fresh cut and great.




Local Burger Co. even had a fountain soda machine behind the bar that had a number of appealing flavors, such as grape, lime and black cherry. My brother got himself a Root & Rye which combined Widow Jane Rye and Saranac Root Beer. Many people aren’t aware that Saranac doesn’t only make beer, they make soda too. They actually survived through prohibition by making and selling sodas. Their root beer was one of my pregnancy favorites. Order yourself a flavored soda, a unique burger and a tasty side because a meal at Local Burger Co. is really a treat and you won’t leave hungry.


Local Burger Co., 62 E. Main Street, Bay Shore, NY, 631.647.8300

Holy Chiddy’s Cheesesteaks

I was introduced to cheesesteaks at Penn State, but being that Philadelphia is three hours from State College, I’ve never had the original in Philly. But, don’t feel bad for me because I have had Chiddy’s.


Chiddy’s is a food truck stationed in the parking lot of the Bay Shore Best Buy on most days. Usually it’s Monday-Friday from 11 a.m-6 p.m. with some Saturdays and closed on Sundays, but they also work evenings at local breweries and events.


I ordered the Chicken Cheesesteak with American cheese and lettuce, and WOW was I pleased. The sandwich had soft bread, moist chopped chicken, salty cheese and cool, crisp lettuce. Yep, I ate the ENTIRE thing. I also ate a little of the Cheesesteak Fries and those were really good. Crisp fries paired with shaved ribeye and creamy cheese really make you feel like you are cheating on a diet that you may or may not be on.

Chiddy’s serves up a variety of cheesesteaks, some with eggs, mushrooms or potatoes, and also chicken fingers, hot dogs and empanadas. Oh, and salad, but who wants salad when you can have cheese, steak and fries?

Chiddy’s Cheesesteaks, 631.813.4022

Summertime Hangout at Flo’s

As soon as the sun starts really shining and the mercury starts to rise, Flo’s opens at Corey Beach in Blue Point, N.Y. This outdoor eatery is bustling whenever the sun is out and the beach is open. Good luck finding a seat at one of their many picnic tables. You may have to share with a polite stranger, but it will be worth it.

Summer Blend

A Large Summer Blend

Start your meal with a refreshing Summer Blend, which is their version of an Arnold Palmer (iced tea and lemonade), or you can really treat yourself with one of their milkshakes or a Flo’s Fizzle (vanilla ice cream and orange soda). For your meal, you can choose from an array of wraps and sandwiches, with ingredients from land or sea. I had the Big EZ, which is not on the menu on their website, but it is listed on their on-site menu. This tasty wrap had grilled shrimp, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato and spicy mayo. The shrimp and bacon were warm, the lettuce and tomato added a cool crunch, and the spicy mayo added some heat. It was the perfect lunch combination.

In the past, I’ve had their Maryland Crab Cake Sandwich and it was good too, but nothing about it really sticks in my mind. However, the Big EZ was quite memorable. There are other menu items to add to your meal as well, like waffle fries, Manhattan clam chowder and a variety of fried items. I say, try them all!

Next time I visit Flo’s to enjoy a meal, I will walk up to the window and try their Fried Clam Wrap or maybe another wrap or sandwich with a unique name. It seems that they add more and more interesting options every year.

Flo’s has also added the Flo’s On the Go truck to their business. So, if you can’t get to Flo’s, maybe Flo’s can come to you or you will see them at a local fair or festival. They also added a bar on the side where you can find a bartender on certain nights.

Big EZ

The Big EZ Wrap

If you are looking for a fun place to eat under the sun, Flo’s is it and you don’t even have to wear a shirt, but a bathing suit would be a good idea, if you are a lady.

Flo’s Famous Luncheonette, 302 Middle Road, Blue Point, N.Y., 1.800.FLOS.TO.GO

UPDATE (2014): Flo’s now has a second location in Patchogue, N.Y.

Waverly Avenue

Waverly Avenue

This is the Waverly Avenue burger at Howard’s Cafe in Patchogue, NY. It is a beef burger with ham and American cheese, and steak fries on the side. This is a great place for a quick, yummy lunch, and you get to choose from a list of burgers served on a poppy seed roll with salad and steak, waffle or sweet potato fries. Also, they serve unlimited beer, wine or soda with your meal. That’s reason alone to eat there.

Howard’s Cafe, 404 S. Service Road, Patchogue, NY, 631.758.6161

For All Lovers of Cheese … and Burgers

Johnny's Stack

Johnny’s Stack

If you love cheese, there is a burger that you cannot live without at Johnny’s Burgers in Centereach, NY. This month the Burger of the Month is Johnny’s Stack and it is SERIOUS.

The Johnny’s Stack is (wait for it) a burger between two GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES! Yep, you read that correctly. The burger is between two grilled cheese sandwiches with (it gets better) added bacon and cheese. Please check out the picture for evidence that this burger really exists. The burger was stacked pretty high and my father could only finish half of it, especially because the fries that we ordered were so delicious. They are fresh-cut, salted, crispy and great. Ketchup wasn’t even necessary and the large was more than enough for three people.



The burger that I got was a regular cheeseburger, but there is the option to get a double, if you want. There is also the option to get a ton of free toppings, such as: lettuce, onions, fried onions, tomatoes, BBQ sauce, ketchup, pickles, mayonnaise, mustard, hot peppers, relish and hot sauce. You can also add bacon for a buck.

Johnny's Fries

Johnny’s Fries

The menu also includes hot dogs, milk shakes, malts, onion rings, wings, sandwiches and soups. So, if you are on your way to the Smith Haven Mall, stop for a quick burger or a quick burger between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

Johnny’s Burgers, 2332 Middle Country Road, Centereach, NY, 631.676.3826

Upscale Burgers and Funny Fries

While in Phoenix, we took a short pitstop at a trendy spot called Delux Burger, which was situated within a small strip mall. The location was posh with a limited menu and big prices, for a lunch. However, the beer menu and happy hour events were extensive. When we got our burgers, they were juicy and thick, but the fries were the piece de resistance. We got a mix of sweet potato and regular fries, and it arrived in a shopping cart small enough for the Geico gecko. It was adorable and memorable, but unfortunately, it didn’t help TK forget that he paid fifty bucks for lunch. Aw well.

Delux Burger, 3146 Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ, 602.522.2288