So Glad Local Burger Co. is Local

I love burgers and the messier they are, the better. I am always looking for unique burger joints that put all kinds of toppings on their patties, and Local Burger Co. in Bay Shore is one of them.


TK ordered the Return of the Mac. It comes with homemade mac & cheese, cheddar cheese and bacon on it. The mac & cheese wasn’t overpowering and the burger was not dry. He thought it was excellent and it was one of the better burgers he’s had. This burger may not be on the menu at the location, so you may have to ask for it, special, from your server. He also ordered the Southern Style Baked Beans and loved them because there is meat in the recipe.


I ordered the Smokeshow and it had pulled pork, slaw, pickles and the house BBQ sauce. I really enjoyed this burger. The sauce was zesty, the pork was sweet, the slaw was cold and the pickles were sour. It was a great mix of flavors and the beef was top notch. I also asked for the Sea Salt and Truffle Fries. The taste was subtle on the fries, but they are fresh cut and great.




Local Burger Co. even had a fountain soda machine behind the bar that had a number of appealing flavors, such as grape, lime and black cherry. My brother got himself a Root & Rye which combined Widow Jane Rye and Saranac Root Beer. Many people aren’t aware that Saranac doesn’t only make beer, they make soda too. They actually survived through prohibition by making and selling sodas. Their root beer was one of my pregnancy favorites. Order yourself a flavored soda, a unique burger and a tasty side because a meal at Local Burger Co. is really a treat and you won’t leave hungry.


Local Burger Co., 62 E. Main Street, Bay Shore, NY, 631.647.8300


What do you think? Let me know.

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