My Valentine at Luso

My husband is a big fan of Brazilian steakhouses or Churrasqueira. What he likes most about them is that they offer an array of meat and it keeps on coming until he decides he’s had enough. This all-you-can-eat style is called Rodizio and the meat is brought over to the table by a collection of waiters who add one delicious meat after another to your dish and then make their way to the next carnivore.

For Valentine’s Day, I wanted my husband to try a local Churrasqueira, so we went to Luso Churrasqueira in Smithtown, New York. He chose the Rodizio, obviously, and I chose Spare Ribs. The sides are served family-style, so the waiter comes over and covers your table with dishes and bowls full of accompaniments. I received my Spare Ribs and they were seasoned perfectly. I ate them with a fork and knife at first because I had a dress on and was trying to act like a lady, but then I had to make sure I didn’t waste any of the meat, so I had to use my hands, like I normally would.

TK’s meat started to arrive and first there was Sausage, then Spare Ribs, then Turkey Wrapped in Bacon, then Skirt Steak, then Beef Shank, and just when he thought he couldn’t take it anymore, the waiter brought over some Sirloin. But, that wasn’t the end because some Chicken made its way onto his plate too. His favorite was the Sirloin, followed by the Sausage. All of the meat was seasoned and tender, so he couldn’t pass on trying them all.

After all that meat and all of its friends, we were so full that I couldn’t even order the dessert that I admired at another table.

I probably wouldn’t recommend Luso to a vegetarian or a vegan, but if you like meat—a lot of it—give it a try.

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Luso Restaurant, 133 W. Main Street, Smithtown, NY, 631.406.6820


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