A New Disney Favorite at Boatwright’s

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After a full day at Legoland in Florida, we returned to Walt Disney World property to arrive for our dinner reservation at Boatwright’s at Port Orleans Riverside. My parents have eaten at this restaurant and RAVE about it. By rave, I mean that my mother said that the Shrimp and Grits is the “best thing” she has ever eaten. Well, challenge accepted, Mom.

I don’t know what came over me, but I ordered the Amelia’s Salad to start my meal. Now, I am not the biggest salad fan and this salad had items in it that I was not a fan of. It was a spinach (like) salad with bleu cheese crumbles (don’t like), sliced apples (like), pumpkin seeds (like) and a house vinaigrette (like). The mix together wasn’t my favorite, but I know some of my girl friends would like it.

Then, the pièce de résistance arrived! The melding of the flavors from the smoky Tasso ham, the creamy cheese, the sweet shrimp and the blend of herbs and vegetables made the Shrimp and Grits simply delicious. I’ve had grits before, but they were never as flavorful as these. I would go back every time just for this dish.

Everyone else enjoyed their meals, and obviously that includes Mom. When we returned home, TK said that the General Fulton’s Prime Rib was the best meal he had all week and that’s a pretty lofty statement.

Boatwright’s will now be a staple when we visit Disney World. Well played, Mom.

Boatwright’s at Port Orleans-Riverside in Walt Disney World, Florida



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