Kilwins is killing it

Kilwins just opened up a location in Patchogue, New York and it is positively lovely.

The aroma of chocolate tickles your nose as soon as you walk through the door, so you know you are in the right place. There are display cases full of fudge and items drenched or dipped in chocolate. They have a variety of ice cream flavors and even one called Patchogue Mud. I’ve seen Patchogue mud, and this looks a million times better.

The owner told me that they were in the process of making fudge, so that’s why it smelled so delicious. Whenever I am in a bad mood from now on, I will just stop into Kilwins and that smell will lift my spirits. It’s a plan.



Milk Chocolate-Covered Pretzel

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Drop

You cannot see them in the picture, but there were tiny crisps in the drop that really added to the texture and taste. If it wasn’t almost Christmas, I would have asked for this from Santa. John, the owner of this location, said of these little delights, “No one makes Peanut Butter Drops like we do. These are unique to Kilwins.” And, I say keep that recipe a secret forever because these are too good to share. I didn’t.

Kilwins, 74 East Main Street, Patchogue, NY, 631.627.8584



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