A lovely stroll to Comfort Kitchen

While we had a little bit of time between arriving in Saratoga Springs, New York and our friend’s wedding, we took a walk around downtown Saratoga and decided to get a quick bite at the Comfort Kitchen.

Located through the Saratoga Marketplace, this bistro has a trendy menu and a diverse craft beer selection. Since we weren’t familiar with most of the beer offerings (except the Blue Point), the cashier asked us what we liked and made suggestions. I believe that it is important when you serve a variety of beer to know what kind of beer it is, what other beers are similar, what it actually tastes like and what it definitely does not taste like. As a beer snob, I appreciate good beer hospitality and the folks at Comfort Kitchen get it.


Lunch at Comfort Kitchen

I chose the Southern Tier Live and TK chose the Newburgh Cream Ale. We are beer opposites. I like cloudy, sour and refreshing beer. He likes strong, substantial and smooth beer. The Live was more hoppy than I like and TK wasn’t crazy about the ale, but there were no porters or Hefeweizen on the menu, so we were satisfied.

For lunch, I ordered the Turkey Reuben and TK ordered the Turkey Club, and we both ordered House-Made Tater Tots. My sandwich was a great combination of sweet and smokey. I could taste the sweetness of the apples in the cole slaw and the saltiness of the cheddar cheese. The flavor of the rye bread was strong and the texture was crisp and crunchy. And, to top it off, the pickle slices thrown on the side were my favorite kind—sour with  A LOT of vinegar.


Turkey Reuben

TK said he enjoyed his Turkey Club just fine, but he ordered it without their Herb Mayo, so it was probably just like any other turkey sandwich.


Turkey Club

Now, we get to the most important item of the meal: The Tots. The House-Made Tater Tots were the best I’ve ever tasted. TK agreed. They were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They were nothing like the tots you can buy in the freezer section. These tots were carefully crafted as a side dish for the sandwiches, but they deserve the spotlight, the bold font and the headline.


House-Made Tater Tots

If you are strolling along the many quaint and classy shops in downtown Saratoga Springs, the Comfort Kitchen is worth a try and maybe you will have enough room to try the S’mores in a Jar because, unfortunately, I did not.

Comfort Kitchen, 454 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY, 518.587.1234


Sour Pickles



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