Brew with a Wurst Chaser at Hofbrau Munchen

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Bavarian Bierhaus Pretzel

We went out for a friend’s birthday at Hofbrau Munchen on West Main Street in Patchogue, New York. The location was a J&R’s Steakhouse prior to closing down for several months and reemerging as Hofbrau with a whole new look. J&R’s sold Hofbrau beer on tap when they were open and then, I guess, the owners focused on the beer and replaced the steak with a menu of German specialties, like they serve at all of the other Hofbrauhaus locations in the U.S.

Everyone in our party, except for me and the other preggo, ordered either a liter or a half liter of beer. They had a tap and a bottle menu for beer and a wine list as well. I ordered myself a very tasty Root Beer and was very satisfied (there’s still beer in the name). I also started my meal with a very large Bavarian Bierhaus Pretzel and alternated between spicy mustard and melted cheese dipping sauces. It arrived warm and soft with a thin crispy crust. If you don’t know how much I love a good soft pretzel, then you don’t know me well enough. And, I am not talking about those carcinogen twists that you can get on the streets of Manhattan. Those are gross. I am talking about the pretzels, pretzel rolls and pretzel bread that you can buy and eat fresh and soft with the right amount of salt sprinkled on top. Pure pretzel perfection.

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Wurst Sandwich with Fries

OK, enough about pretzels (even though you have to get one when you go to Hofbrau). My friends kept drinking and I kept eating, so I then ordered a Wurst Sandwich with Kielbasa. I wanted something with sauerkraut and this definitely had it, along with grilled onions, cheddar bier cheese and mustard. I prefer my brats and sausage sandwiches with just mustard and sauerkraut, so I scraped the rest of the items off. Before you start getting snarky, I tried one bite with everything and decided it was all just too much. I found solace in the crispy fries on the side and had to share them with my friends because fries go great with beer.

When everyone was ordering their close to final beer, I ordered the Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae. I have my own version of fun and that’s called eating. The sundae had three scoops of vanilla ice cream and was covered in whipped cream, caramel, chocolate and melba sauce (whatever that is). It was a great ending to a fun meal.

Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae

Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae

One problem that I did find with Hofbrau Munchen or Bierhaus Patchogue or Hofbrauhaus or German Restaurant of Long Island is that no one knows what to call it and where to find it online. Fortunately for you, I found their website and linked to it in the first paragraph of this post and below as well. You’re welcome, and you owe me a pretzel.

Bierhaus Patchogue, 32 West Main Street, Patchogue, NY, 631.475.9200.


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