Modern Snack Bar is great for pie

While taking a leisurely drive out east on Long Island, we wanted to stop for lunch and remembered that the Modern Snack Bar had delicious pies, so we thought we would try the food. Modern Snack Bar is in Aquebogue, New York on Main Road. It is an old-timey diner with padded, rotating bar stools and Mashed Turnips on the menu.

Mel's iPhone 07.29.14 031

Modern Snack Bar

The Modern Snack Bar serves local Long Island wine and egg creams. I began my meal with a Boylan Diet Cherry Soda, but unfortunately, it was a little flat, so it lacked the crispness of a flavored soda. I’ve had Boylan Soda before and they are always so refreshing, so I was surprised that I didn’t love it. Maybe because it was diet? Hmmm …

Mel's iPhone 07.29.14 032

Boylan Diet Black Cherry Soda

We started with a couple bowls of soup. I had a Lobster Bisque and it tasted like something I’ve had before. It was creamy, but there were no spices or flavors that really stuck out. It was not anything special and I have really loved bowls of chowder or bisque.

Mel's iPhone 07.29.14 033

Seafood Bisque

After I finished my soup, I got the Deep Fried Fresh Flounder Sandwich and Fries. The sandwich came out with fresh lettuce and tomato, and a side of tartar sauce. The flounder was fresh and flaky, and the breading was crunchy. I thought the flounder lacked taste because the breading wasn’t seasoned all that well, but it was definitely fresh. The fries were typical diner fries and of course, they were transporting dollops of ketchup directly into my mouth.

Mel's iPhone 07.29.14 034

Deep Fried Fresh Flounder Sandwich

When we finished our not-so-w0nderful lunch, we made sure to visit the counter and bring home a pie. I chose the Chocolate Cream Pie for $16.95. I thought that was a little pricey, but when I finally got around to eating a slice at home, it was delicious. It had a flaky crust, sweet chocolate pudding and fluffy whipped cream. The whipped cream was my favorite part. There was a good inch of whipped cream on top of the pie, almost like a pie you’d want to throw at someone’s face, but definitely wouldn’t because it was too delicious and expensive.

Mostly, we were underwhelmed with the food from the Modern Snack Bar, but the pie really made us forget all about what we had for lunch.

Modern Snack Bar, 628 Main Road, Aquebogue, NY, 631-722-3655


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