Pizza for Lunch


Meatballs & Ricotta


My husband had heard about Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Bohemia and said that he heard it was delicious. So, we went for lunch with our kid and it was a pleasant experience. They have a very large bar and the decor is dark and comfortable with flat screens hanging from the ceiling.

First, they sat us immediately and the waitresses and waiters were super friendly. Everyone said hello to our son as they walked by and after we ordered our beverages, which came in plastic bottles, our waitress asked if we wanted to sample their wings for free, to which we said, “Sure!”

The wings were light and tasty. Those were the only kind on the menu and they are the Coal Oven Roasted Chicken Wings and they are served with caramelized onions and focaccia bread. We didn’t get the bread with our sample, but we did get the onions, which were a nice addition. The wings don’t have a sauce, which I will forgive, but they do have flavor. However, I am not sure I would have ever ordered them if they weren’t offered to me for free, but I did like the onions and I probably would’ve liked the focaccia.

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

Meatballs & Ricotta Pie

Next, we received our pizza and it was a small Meatballs & Ricotta pie. There were balls of meatball, not slices, thankfully, and a mix of ricotta and mozzarella. It was great to have a chunk of ricotta every few bites. The crust was thin and crispy in spots. Even my toddler loved it and ate an entire slice.

The meal was perfect for lunch, but my husband and I would have needed more food or a large pie if it were dinner. We enjoyed the food and the service.


2 thoughts on “Pizza for Lunch

  1. I went — we didn’t get *anything* for free 🙂 — and, I was fairly non-impressed with the place. We ordered a regular pie, but my wife wanted two slices with a topping, and we were told they couldn’t do that — only half the pie or the full pie (we were willing to pay the half-price cost; just wanted only two slices with the topping).

    The crust was quite good though — both my wife and I like crispy, well-done crusts, and this was perfect.

    We did have the wings (although we paid for them!) and I enjoyed them a lot. My wife was more damning than you — she did *not* forgive them for the lack of sauce (but I thought they were exceptionally flavorful).

    I’m not sure I would repeat — especially when it seems about 20% more expensive than most of the pizza places in the area ….

    • Like Grimaldi’s, they only sell pizza by the pie, but Grimaldi’s allows for you to put a topping on only half of the pie. I was a little surprised that they only had one kind of wing. I wanted some sauce!

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