Summer is on its way!

How do you know that summer is coming on Long Island? SEAFOOD!

Yesterday, I had my first lobster roll of the season at the Harbor Crab Co. in Patchogue, N.Y. for a fundraiser luncheon and it was great. Can you see all that chunky lobster?

Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll at Harbor Crab

Summer is when you eat steamers, oysters on the half shell (not me, other people) and steamed lobster on Long Island, and you don’t do so at a Red Lobster. You go to one of the dozens of seafood restaurants/cafes/shacks in the area. This may be my favorite thing about living on Long Island, aside from the wineries and beaches.

This Lobster Roll at Harbor Crab was a great option for lunch, or ever, but my favorite dish from them is still the creamy She Crab Soup, which is only on the lunch menu. If you like chowder, you need it.

But, if you want a delicious Lobster Roll on Long Island, try one from the list of Must Eat Lobster Rolls on Long Island that Newsday created. (I’ve only had #1.) I think I need to head out to the PJ Lobster House in Port Jefferson and have theirs (#3) because they offer the option of an actual roll or toast instead of a hot dog bun. When I am spending $20 or more for a sandwich, I would like some substance. Am I right?

Welcome to spring on Long Island!


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