A Rotating Restaurant: Garden Grill

Garden Grill

Harvest Mickey

While at Epcot, we had a dinner reservation for the Garden Grill as part of the Candlelight Processional Dinner Package. We had never eaten there before, so we thought it was a good idea to try on this trip. The meal is actually called Chip N’ Dale’s Harvest Feast All-You-Care-To-Enjoy Family-style Dining, but I don’t prefer that name.

We were seated in about 15 minutes, enough to take a trip to the restroom, and we saw that the restaurant was rotating. Our meal started with a Farmer’s Salad and a warm basket of bread with Maple Butter. The bread was delicious and the salad was also pretty good. It is known that most of the items on the menu are grown in the Living with the Land pavilion.

Next up was the Filet of Beef, Roast Turkey and Salmon. These came with Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Vegetables. They were all edible, but nothing was all that interesting or seriously tasty … until the dessert came.

The dessert was Fresh-Baked Harvest Skillet Cake with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream. As I read this back to myself, it just sounds delicious. This came out warm in a mini cast-iron skillet. It was fluffy with tart berries throughout and the Whipped Cream was cold but melting all over the cake. It was a great combination of warm and cold, and sweet and tart. This dish was the highlight of my meal. Well, that and the fact that the characters came around to greet us while we ate and Jax squeezed Dale’s nose.

When we finished our meal, the waiter gave us our Candlelight Processional passes and we were back where we started. We had rotated around the entire restaurant, so I guess the wait staff has meals timed out pretty well.

So, with our passes, we were off to watch Gary Sinise narrate the 2013 Candlelight Processional and it was a great start to the holiday season.


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