Visiting Africa, or actually just eating African food at Sanaa

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My family wanted to get Chinese food while in Florida and I decided that other than New York and China, I really wasn’t interested in eating Chinese food anywhere else. So, Tom and I decided to go downstairs in Kidani Village to Sanaa for African food.

We had a two-minute wait, enough to order one beer for Tom because I couldn’t decide what I wanted, but got a Safari Amber Ale at the table. The Safari Amber is brewed in Walt Disney World just for the Animal Kingdom and its properties, and it is really refreshing. I even had one while walking around Animal Kingdom in 80 degree weather in the beginning of the week.

Our waitress, Stacey, was pretty awesome. She pretty much recommended everything we ate. I knew she was from Boston by the way she said garlic (gah-lic) and she thought we were too, but nope, we are from Lawn Guyland. First, she recommended that we get the Appetizer Sampler for Two, which included Potato and Pea Samosas, Lamb Kefta Sliders and Chana Tikki. The Chana Tikki was my favorite of all three. They are little chickpea patties and had a great flavor. The Potato and Pee Samosas were like little seasoned potato pockets and they were OK. I wasn’t thrilled with the flavor. The Lamb Kefta Sliders were OK, but they were a little gamey for me, but then again, I am not a lamb person. Next time, I might also order the Indian-Style Bread Service that I heard is delicious. They make their own Naan in a 500 degree Tandoori oven and it comes with your choice of 9 dips.

Luckily, I listened to Stacey and order the Garlic Naan to accompany my entrée. I had the Butter Chicken and Short Ribs with Basmati Rice. I listened to Stacey again, and took the three little dishes off the long dish and then poured them all out. I really liked the Butter Chicken, but the Short Ribs were a little too smokey for me. Tom got the Lamb Shank and he wasn’t thrilled with it. But, something that he was more than in love with was the Tanzanian Chocolate Mousse. He said, “If it was acceptable in a restaurant, I would lick the plate. That’s how delicious this is.” I had the Tanzanian Chocolate Mousse in my Dessert Trio along with Chai Cream and Coconut Cheesecake. They were both good, but the Tanzanian Chocolate Mousse arm-wrestled them into flavor submission.

When our meal was complete, we hung out for a little bit and finished our beers, said goodbye to our African food tour guide Stacey and then headed back to the room. On the way, I needed to make a pit-stop at the bathroom. Holy! Sanaa has the most beautiful bathroom that I have ever seen, and I am not exaggerating. I even spoke to the woman cleaning the bathroom about it and she said she has seen people take pictures of it because it is so amazing.

After everything, I recommend visiting our friend Stacey at Sanaa for a great meal. And, remember to hit the bathroom on the way out.


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