Fancy Lunch at a Campground: Trail’s End

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While researching where to eat in Walt Disney World, I came across Trail’s End and their menu looked amazing, so I had to add it to the reservation list. The menu has a variety of southern specialties, and who doesn’t love comfort food?

We started our meal with a few appetizers. We ordered the Blue Crab and Roasted Corn Hush Puppies, Smoked Cheese-Stuffed Jalapenos, BLT Flatbread with Bacon Marmalade and Cornbread. I didn’t taste the Jalapenos, but they were wrapped in bacon and looked delicious. However, I did have the BLT Flatbread with Bacon Marmalade and that was fantastic. It was sweet but the goat cheese gave it a tangy flavor that went perfectly with the marmalade. The Cornbread was fluffy and exactly how it should be. The Hush Puppies were crispy and soft on the inside. These should be served in all seafood restaurants. The appetizers were so amazing, we couldn’t wait for our entrees to come.

I ordered the Knife and Fork Shrimp Po Boy. The peppery fried shrimp sat on a bed of cole slaw and a soft biscuit. It was crunchy, zesty and so good. I didn’t even care about the fries that came on the side. The Chicken and Waffles laid on an amazing Rosemary Maple Syrup. We asked the waitress to have the recipe emailed to us (it hasn’t arrived yet). The Cheeseburger on the menu was colossal, but I couldn’t order a burger when there were so many delicious options on the menu.

We were shocked that we loved a lunch menu so much, but Trail’s End proved to be one of this trip’s new favorites. Also, it was practically empty, so apparently not many know about this southern delight. You should get there, even if it is just for the bacon marmalade.


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