Walt Disney World, YES!

When we finally arrived in Walt Disney World, we checked into our resort, Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village, and then headed over to the Jambo House for lunch.

Turkey Carver Sandwich

Turkey Carver Sandwich

I knew TK and I would get refillable mugs again, but before we arrived, I read how they put a whole new Rapid Fill program together at different price points. We chose the “length of stay” option and decided to share one refillable mug. There was no need to get two of them, especially at that price tag and knowing we would be buying our own beverages in the parks. There is chip in the cups that allows you to refill them for the time you paid for and the machine tells you when your time expires. It is pretty impressive.

For my lunch, I got a Turkey Carver Sandwich and TK got the same. The sandwich was built on a soft roll with freshly carved turkey and  a cranberry mayo spread. The spread added moisture and sweetness to a sandwich and the turkey was thick, so there was definitely substance. The side of couscous was good, but it was cold and I guess that is how it should be served. However, I have had it hot and prefer it that way.

Unfortunately, I was not able to try their blessed array of cupcakes or a Zebra Dome, but that leaves options for the future.


What do you think? Let me know.

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