Super Sonic

If you know anything about me, you know I love me some Sonic. I mean, the wait staff wears roller-skates for goodness sake. Come on!

On a road trip, especially down south, the driver always knows a stop at Sonic is in their future with me in the car. On the way to Tennessee, we made my dad stop at two different Sonics; one for lunch and another for a sweet treat. I don’t think he minded much though because he enjoys Diet Cherry Limeades.

Not only does Sonic have great burgers, but they give you the option of Fries, Tots or Onion Rings on the side. You can even order Mozzarella Sticks or Ched ‘R’ Peppers. If you don’t want a yummy burger, you can get a Chicken Sandwich, Coney Dog, Pretzel Dog, Chicken Strips and some of the sandwiches can even be on Texas Toast. Yea, it is greasy, but yea, it is yummy.

To wash your Toaster down, you can choose from a whole list of beverages from Slushes to Limeades to Shakes, or just plain soda with a shot of flavor, just to add some excitement to your life. Sonic even has a beverage called an Ocean Water® that doesn’t taste anything like seaweed; it’s tangy and tropical instead. I checked the website and it says that there are 1,063,953 different drink combinations that you can create. That’s a pretty lofty goal.

After you get your meal on, you have to end with something from their Frozen Zone. Root Beer Floats, PB&J Shakes and delicious Pineapple Shakes are all on the menu, and so is the Peanut Butter and Bacon Shake. Hey, why not? Ice cream can even be delivered on a Fudge Brownie Molten Cake Sundae because it should be.

So, if you are now asking yourself, “Should I sin and be completely gluttonous at Sonic?” Well, the answer is yes, but you may want to save your trip to Sonic for a special occasion, like when you are on a  road trip and just had Sonic two hours before. For me, that calls for a Sonic celebration. Stop in and let them skate some yumness over to you.

Sonic, 1380 Deer Park Avenue, North Babylon, NY


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