A real country store with table service: Pine Tree Farm Market & Cafe

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The day we were leaving, we decided to stop at the Pine Tree Farm Market & Cafe, which was right across the street from our motel. When I walked through the door, I was welcomed by homemade baked goods and local treats, like jarred pickles, all-natural peanut butter, kettle corn and cartons of blueberries. It was a true country store with a café attached.

We grabbed menus and sat at the table, but we had to order at the counter and then one of the staff members would bring us our meal. This is great for people who want to sit and eat or just want something yummy to go. I couldn’t leave Maine without having Wild Maine Blueberry Pancakes again, and they were fluffy and good. The butter was melted already, so it was very easy to spread on the pancakes. My mother had the Texas-Style French Toast again (we stuck with what was delicious) and this time they were lightly dusted with powdered sugar. She loved them. Dad, on the other hand, had an omelet with sausage and ham, and hash browns and toast on the side. He was also not disappointed.

This breakfast was a great send-off after a very fun weekend.

Pine Tree Farm Market & Cafe, 411 Post Road, Wells, ME, 207-646-7545


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