Doughnuts and so much more at Congdon’s

While in Wells, Maine, we decided to get out early for breakfast and stop over at Congdon’s Doughnuts for something hearty and delicious. At first, we thought we would be waiting forever because the parking lot was packed and the drive-through line was long, but we only waited 10-15 minutes for a table; just enough time to see the Chocolate-dipped Bacon and a humongous Whoopie Pie in the bakery case. It was as big as my head, no exaggeration.

Since I was in Maine, I obviously had to have the Wild Maine Blueberry Pancakes and I was so glad that I did. It was the right balance of savory and sweet, especially with butter spread on top and maple syrup drizzled over them. My father had the Congdon Special which included eggs, sausage, toast and home fries, with a doughnut on the side. He chose the Honey Bun and it was fresh and airy. They make the doughnuts fresh everyday and I didn’t wait around to see, but I am sure they run out by 3 p.m. when they close. My mother had the Texas French Toast and it was thick and sweet. There was nothing flimsy about they pancakes, their doughnuts or their French toast.

We didn’t get back to Congdon’s to have more doughnuts or the Chocolate-dipped Bacon, but I will be sure to stop there any time I am traveling through Maine again, and so should you.

Congdon’s Doughnuts , 1090 Post Road, Wells, ME


One thought on “Doughnuts and so much more at Congdon’s

  1. Sounds delicious! As though we needed ANOTHER excuse to go back to Maine!

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