Get Wrapped Up

When you think of a wrap, what do you think of? A thin tortilla wrapped around some lettuce and turkey? Well, forget that business because Sonoma Grill has wraps on roids.

They use pillowy dough and wrap it around chicken, steak or shrimp, and it is the opposite of flimsy. For instance, the Bayou Wrap is stuffed with chicken, BBQ sauce, tomatoes, fried onions and Monterey Jack cheese. The wraps also come with fries, macaroni or potato salad on the side. However, these wraps aren’t the only items on the menu and you should try as many items on the menu as you can, especially the pasta dishes.

Bayou Wrap

Bayou Wrap from Sonoma Grill

On Tuesdays, there is a special on burgers and, apparently live music plays in the background as you choose your burger toppings. You can pay a little more to top your burger with one of seven different cheeses, nine varieties of vegetable and five other gourmet options, so you may even earn the Jeopardy theme while you make your choice. It actually may be a good idea to scope out the menu online before you get there.

Also, my mother hosted my baby shower at Sonoma Grill, and everyone loved the food. Honestly, my family and friends were telling me how delicious everything was and I didn’t even ask … that time.

Sonoma Grill, 5745 Sunrise Highway, Holbrook, NY, 631.218.3888

UPDATE (2014): Sonoma Grill has changed locations. It is now located on North Ocean Avenue in Holtsville, N.Y.


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