Call me crazy …

OK, I know it sounds a little odd, but I had some really delicious Seafood Bisque and it was from (wait for it) … Gianna’s Pizzeria in Medford!

Gianna’s has great Chicken Rolls and Chicken Paninis and some really great slices, but honestly, I took a chance because I was in the mood for soup and they have really great Seafood Bisque too. It was creamy, sweet and it even had chunks of red ripe tomato in it. It was so good that I rationed it into two days instead of just one. It also comes with some crusty Italian bread for dunking, and you will be glad it does. There are other soups to choose from on the menu, but I don’t think that I could order anything else now. Maybe I will make TK get a different soup so I can find out what the rest of them taste like. Hmmm … good plan!

Gianna’s Pizzeria, 280 Route 112, Medford, NY, 631.207.0981


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