Great Food in a Not-So-Great Location

Mmm ... Pizza

While shopping at Toys ‘R’ Us at the Sunvet Mall in Holbrook, we were starving and decided to get some pizza. Well, Aegean Pizzeria was a delicious option. If you have never been to the Sunvet Mall, you may not know it exists and you would be missing out. I am slightly convinced that this pizzeria is keeping that small mall open because there were more people on line there than in the entire mall.

I ordered a slice of regular and a slice of the Chicken Caesar Salad pizza, and HOLY COW! The Chicken Caesar Salad slice was heated up just the slightest bit so that the chicken was warm, but the lettuce wasn’t droopy. I actually crave that pizza when I start to think about it … Anyway, the regular pizza was pretty good too. The sauce wasn’t sweet like it is at a lot of pizzerias on Long Island and the cheese was fresh, hot and stringy. Just delicious!

So if you need to make a stop at AC Moore or Toys ‘R’ Us or even Payless Shoe Source, make sure you grab a slice at Aegean because you will not be sorry, you will be back.

Aegean Pizzeria, 58-01 Sunrise Highway, Holbrook, NY, 631.567.6066


One thought on “Great Food in a Not-So-Great Location

  1. Always on the hunt for great pizza! Thanks!

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