Beauties that Brunch

We took a trip out to Riverhead to a place that was recommended by a friend for having a delicious brunch menu. The restaurant is named tRP, or The Riverhead Project. The location was very zen, but it is a converted bank and the safety deposit boxes and vault can still be seen in the lounge area of the basement. When you travel down the stairs to use the restroom, you walk into the dark basement with the vault and safes used as style elements. It was creepy yet cool. However, one of our favorite parts of the meal was the message at the bottom of the menu: “Please take a moment to be grateful for the food you are about to eat, and acknowledge your blessedness and please take a pause to think of those with less.” It was a thoughtful and respectful touch.

To begin our meal, we ordered sparkling rose and the waitress made sure to mention that it was a Moscato, so I knew it would taste good. It was ZED Moscato Rose and it was sweet and light. I probably could have drunk an entire bottle, but for $40 it would have been an awful idea (I am trying to find it locally for less). We all really enjoyed it.

For my brunch, I ordered the CHotcakesorn & Blueberry Hotcakes that came topped with melting butter and fresh raspberries and blueberries. The hotcakes were warm, fluffy and sweet with a hint of saltiness. I did not need to put syrup on it, especially because every other bite included warm, sweet blueberries. These hotcakes were perfection. Obviously, I couldn’t eat them all because they were huge (but oh so lovely), so I tried to share them. I thought that going to an upscale restaurant like this one, I would get a child-size plate of food and the hotcakes would look like they were of the silver dollar variety, but my plate was blanketed by pancake pillows and I was sated by the dish. French Toast

The other dishes chosen at the table included the Breakfast Burrito, the Brioche French Toast, their signature salad and the Greg’s Benedict. I was able to taste the Brioche French Toast and it was moist and sweet, and the roasted peaches were a great addition. I am actually thinking about adding some to any French toast I make at home in the future. I heard the Greg’s Benedict was good but spicy because of the addition of Siracha. AnBurritod, they had a hard time finding the scrambled eggs in the Breakfast Burrito.

After such a great brunch with friends, I actually spent a little time thinking about how great the hotcakes were that day and how well they filled my stomach and prepared me for a day at the wineries. I didn’t even get a buzz after two glasses of sparkling rose, two glasses of white wine (from Jamesport Vineyard and Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard) and a white wine tasting at Clovis Point. I plan on heading back to try the Diner Plate #7, the Polish Town Lobster Pierogies and maybe Jolita’s Fried Chicken, depending on the time of day.

tRP, 300 East Main Street, Riverhead, NY, 631.284.9300

(FYI: There is a difference between hotcakes and pancakes, if you make them as they are supposed to be made. These hotcakes were not by definition. Hotcakes are supposed to be large in diameter but very thin. Pancakes are thick and substantial cake-like circles. These hotcakes were more like pancakes, and I am glad.)


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