Happy Birthday to Me, Part 1

My friends and I decided to go out and grab a bite for my birthday and another friend’s (Happy Birthday Lobster BisqueColleen). I have been craving lobster, so we decided on the Cull House in Sayville. If you head south toward the water, this seafood shack will pop up on your left and their unpretentious location will invite you right in.

The hostess and the waiter (Tim) were both incredibly friendly when we sat down at our table with our two menus, one regular and one special. We started our meal with their “Beer of the Week,” Greenport Harbor Brewing Company‘s Leaf Pile Pumpkin Ale, and it was a great introduction to the uCalamaripcoming autumn. The beer was light with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. It was like having the cinnamon sugar rim, which usually comes with a pumpkin ale, without all the mess.

For an appetizer, we shared the Fried Calamari with Marinara Sauce. The calamari was lightly breaded with seasoned batter and it was cooked perfectly without the slightest bit of chewiness. The sauce was a dark orange and very light in its consistency. This dish was a great way to start a meal because it wasn’t too heavy and it was delicious.

When I ordered my entree, I went all out and chose the Lobster Clam Bake. My plate included a 1 1/4 lb. lobster, mussels, clams, corn and sausage, all bathed in garlic butter. I disassembled the lobster myself, like a big girl, and it was very moist and meaty. The mussels and clams were soft and not chewy or fishy at all, which could happen if they are not the main focus of the dish, but Clam Bakethat was not the case here. The corn was buttered and seasoned, so it was tasty and I wasn’t even bothered that the kernels got stuck in my teeth. I received a baked potato on the side of the dish with sour cream and that was also a nice addition. The only issue I had with the meal was that the sausage seemed a little misplaced. It was like the Italian sausage that my mother puts in gravy on Sundays, and I was hoping for some andouille or kielbasa or even some kind of a smoked sausage. I just felt that these other types of sausage would be more fitting for the meal. HowMusselsever, I did eat everything (that was edible) on my plate and, I even wore the lobster bib. Go big or go home, that’s what I say.

My friends were also very happy with their meal choices. I was told that the Fish Tacos were the best they had ever eaten because the fish was fried in a Corona beer batter, and the Mussels Luciano (garlic, butter and white wine sauce) would have been the best ever, if only they came with a nice warm loaf of bread to sop up the liquid remains. The Lobster Bisque was a great choice as well.

I full intend to go back to the Cull House, especially for a Wednesday night Wine or Beer Pairing Dinner. For $55, you get a four course meal with the correct beverage pairings. Sounds great to me!

Cull House, 75 Terry Street, Fish TacosSayville, 631.563.1546


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