Oh Frigate!

Soft serve vanilla ice cream cone with chocolate sprinkles

After a meal in Port Jeff, you have to make a stop for dessert at the Frigate. They have every type of sweet you can think of, including over 40 flavors of ice cream, truffles, frozen yogurt, sorbet, chocolate, fudge, Italian ice, gelato, popcorn, pretzels and a crazy variety of candy (nostalgic, fun and gourmet). A complete list of ice cream flavors and toppings can be found on their website, or you can go there and just wing it!

Included in the ice cream options is the Coney Island Custard, which is a creamy soft serve ice cream that has an extra thickness compared to the regular soft serve. You can get chocolate, vanilla or twist. It is a perfect treat on a warm summer night as you stroll along Main Street in Port Jeff.

You can also get sugar-free ice cream, just in case you need something sweet but can’t handle the sugar. However, if you are more into healthy food, they have added a juice bar with fresh fruit, wheat grass, protein and smoothies. Honestly, I walked right past this counter and headed toward the ice cream line. Where dessert is concerned, I subscribe to the idea of, “Go big or go home.”

Also, if you are looking for a gift and don’t thinkĀ  ice cream will survive the trip, the Frigate has Godiva boxes of chocolate, Jelly Belly jelly beans, popcorn tins, gourmet pretzel trays and candy assortments. Who wouldn’t love any of these? Come to think of it, my birthday is coming up in a week …

Frigate, 99A Main Street, Port Jefferson, NY, 1.800.240.4249.


3 thoughts on “Oh Frigate!

  1. I wish it was in my town!

  2. Just seeing this pictures made me want to do a mad dash for the door to get soft serve asap.

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