Steaming Up Port Jeff

New England Clam Chowder

Just about every summer, my parents and I will go down (well up really, because it is north) to the Steam Room in Port Jefferson for dinner. This year, TK came with us and so did my little guy in his stroller. The Steam Room has great, delicious seafood with reasonable prices. The location is right on the water in Port Jeff, so you can watch the ferries come in from Connecticut while you chew on some calamari.

The menu has a list of appetizers, sandwiches, and broiled and fried fish. There are even several specials to choose from if you don’t want to order off the permanent menu. I saw that they had a Stuffed Lobster Tail for $16.95, which I thought was a reasonable price for lobster. Another lobster option is the Lobster Dinner which includes lobster (obv), corn, a baked potato, chowder and cole slaw, all for $24.95. They also have a Clambake special for $29.95 with lobster, clams, mussels, corn, cole slaw and butter to dip the luscious seafood in. I may have to go back for this …

This time, I started with the New England Clam Chowder and a lemonade. The Chowder was creamy and chunky with a ton of

Fried Clam Strip Platter

clams. The Seafood Bisque that TK ordered was thick and sweet, like bisque ought to be. My father ordered that Manhattan Clam Chowder that barely had any broth because it was so full of clams, tomatoes, etc. I tasted it and it has a great little bite to it too. He absolutely loves their Manhattan Clams Chowder, so much that he doesn’t even order an entree. He just orders the Chowder, a soda and a salad, and he is content. This is out of character for a Gonzalez, but we allow it.

View from the table

For an entree, TK and I decided we would order two different items and share them. I got the Clam Strip Platter with fries and tartar sauce and he got the Fried Shrimp Platter with fries and cocktail sauce. The clams were soft and sweet, and the fries were of the thin but substantial variety. The shrimp batter was thick, but so were the large shrimp that laid within the crispy casing.

The meal was delicious and four people ate for a little over 60 bucks. Not bad for Long Island seafood!

Steam Room, 4 East Broadway, Port Jefferson, NY, 631.928.6690


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