A German Bierhaus in NYC

While celebrating a friend’s bachelorette festivities, we started the day at the Bierhaus on 3rd Avenue and 45th Street. The atmosphere was all Bavarian, from the steins on the walls to the flags hanging in every corner. We sat at a long table with the silverware stacked inside a glass stein at the end. This was not a place to stay quiet and enjoy your meal, it was a place to be rowdy and enjoy your beer.

The menu was full of German specialties, and lucky for us, we started with the Wilhelm Sampler Platter. The trays were full of pretzels, potato pancakes, potato salad, radish salad, sauerkraut, sauerkraut balls and wieners, with the accompanying condiments. It was all delicious and I made sure to try it all. I especially liked the pretzels and the potato pancakes because, let’s face it, the Germans have perfected them. The radish salad was also surprisingly good because it was just pickled pink radishes and it was a nice addition. The sauerkraut balls were interesting because they were battered and didn’t have too much of a sour taste to them, but they too were yummy. This was not the end of the food for me (I know you are surprised) as I ordered the Pork Schnitzel Sandwich with fries. The fries were excellent but I felt like I wouldn’t know the difference if it was pork or chicken, or even beef for that matter. The breading made the sandwich.

A boot full of Dunkel

The only beer on the menu is German and delicious, but there is wine and liquor just in case the brew isn’t for you. My beverage of choice to start the day was a half liter of Hofbrau Hefeweizen, a non-distilled wheat beer that I remember loving at the Las Vegas Hofbrauhaus, and it didn’t disappoint, once again. We also passed a boot full of Dunkel (a dark lager) around the table to see who would get splashed in the face by the remaining liquid first. When the beer rolls back into the shoe part of the boot, the air pops the beer back at the opening and at your face.  It is silly, but pretty fun too.

So, if you are looking for good beer and good German food, and want to enjoy it all in a place that is not the least bit presumptuous, take a trip into NYC to the Bierhaus.

Bierhaus, 712 3rd Avenue (at 45th Street), New York, NY, 212.867.2337


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