La Tavola = The Table

Despite the price tag that comes with most Sayville eateries, La TavolaLinguine with Clams offers interesting dishes that are also memorable, in a good way.

One of the nightly specials is the Beet Tartar, which includes the medley of chopped up beets, flambéed oranges, goat cheese, a crunchy crostini and bacon jam. I know what you are thinking; bacon jam? Does that even exist? Well, you heard it here first, it does and it is actually pretty good. It is sweet and salty at the same time. Whoever thought of this wonder is a genius. You will want to spread it on everything.

To start your meal, there is a soup of the day and several salads on the menu, including Caesar, Roasted Cauliflower, Shrimp, Beet and Mesclun Greens. The Mesclun Greens have the zesty vinaigrette dressing mixed throughout with caramelized onions laid on top, but the dressing did not soak the salad, so it remained light.

Steak SpecialWhen it is time to order an entrée, there are a lot to choose from, with the regular menu and the additional special selections. The Lobster Fromage and Cavatelli includes the pasta in a creamy cheese sauce with lobster, peas and carrots mixed in. The Linguine with Clams has sweet tomatoes and perfectly cooked clams in their shells. The specials menu included a steak dish that battled the Filet Mignon for the best meat dish.

To top the whole meal off, there was a hope for a rich chocolate dessert that would complete it all, but the Brownie Sundae fell a little short. Regrets for not ordering the Flourless Chocolate Cake or the Chocolate Mousse Cake were felt on the way out.

The entire meal left a very nice impression, especially since it was shared with friends.

La Tavola, 183 W. Main Street, Sayville, NY, 631.750.6900



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