I’ll Get Smashed

A new burger place has come to Long Island! Smashburger is in Nassau County and the burgers, sides and shakes are delicious. There are locations all over the nation, but this is the first on Long Island. Their unique way of grilling up burgers make them more delicious than that franchise food chain burger that you are used to.

BBQ BurgerThe BBQ, Bacon and Cheddar burger came topped with a small stack of fried onions, a slice of cheddar and BBQ sauce. The burger was just so flavorful that most are happy with just their Classic Burger with Cheese. The side orders of Haystack Onions, Sweet Potato Smashfries and Fried Pickles are great additions, especially since they are only a couple bucks. The fries come with ranch sauce and the onions come with a zesty horseradish dipping sauce, like you would get with a Bloomin’ Onion, and they were light and crispy. The Fried Pickles were a bit salty, but some prefer it that way. To wash everything down, a Chocolate Malted Shake is perfection. It is sweet and creamy with a small dollop of whipped cream as an edible garnish. Chocolate Malt

Word is that more Smashburger locations are coming to the Island, with more popping up in Nassau before they branch out into Suffolk County, and we can’t wait!

Smashburger, 180 W. Old Country Road, Hicksville, NY, 516.605.2235


What do you think? Let me know.

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