I’ll Dip My Bread in it

For an amusing ladies’ night out or a romantic date with that special someone, a great choice is The Melting Pot in Farmingdale. Every guest sits down in front of a pot that is ready to simmer with bubbling cheese, broth or chocolate. The dimly lit dining room creates an intimacy in a large space.

Diners have the option of very interesting and refreshing cocktails to start their meal. There is a Love Martini to keep with the theme of your date or if you are indulging with your friends, there is the Yin & Yang cocktail with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, vanilla vodka, ice cream and chocolate shavings.

To begin your experience, there is an array of cheese fondue options that are prepared right in front of you. The Spinach Artichoke Cheese Fondue starts with a vegetable broth, garlic, fresh spinach and fresh artichokes. Then, the cheese is added and the dip Spinach Cheese Fondueheats up to a thick cream that makes you want to lick the bowl, but you will stop yourself because you know you will burn all of your taste buds off if you do. There is also a Cheddar Cheese Fondue that begins with a beer base that you can taste along with the sharpness of the cheese. The vehicles to get this delectable cheese into your mouth include cold, fresh vegetables, Granny Smith Apple slices, tri-color tortilla chips and cubes of bread. The bread is the favorite of the bunch. You can also choose a salad to begin your feast if you want to give your dipping fork a break.

The entrees are cooked by you at your table in broth, wine or oil and you can choose from a variety of protein, including chicken, steak, shrimp, scallops, salmon, pork, and duck, which you can have in a variety of combinations. Or, you could go vegetarian and order pasta and vegetables for dinner, and still be happy.

Then, finally, there comes dessert and not soon enough. Honestly, if their dessert menu only consisted of The Original, it would be enough. The Original has milk chocolate with crunchy peanut butter swirled in, that you can taste a hint of, and it is genius. A few of the other dessert menu items are flambéed tableside, so you receive a treat and a bit of entertainment. These sweet sauces are served with fruit, pound cake, brownies, cheesecake, Rice Krispy Treats® and coated marshmallows. It is so sinfully delicious that you may look around for more food to dip into the chocolate.

The Melting Pot, 2377 Broad Hollow Road, Farmingdale, NY, 631.752.4242.


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