Have You Met Juicy Lucy?

Who doesn’t love a The Burger Shackjuicy beef patty between a pair of soft buns? Well, vegetarians, but the burgers at Burger Shack in Coram are hard to resist.

This new restaurant has burgers beyond your comprehension, for instance, they do a take on the Juicy Lucy, which is two 4 ounce beef patties with molten cheese in the middle, but they add bacon. Of course everything is better with bacon, but who thought to add it to the already tasty Juicy Lucy? That’s right, not you.

Other interesting and unique burgers on the menu include the Greek Burger with feta, black olives and yogurt sauce; the Cajun Burger with Cajun seasoning, pepper jack cheese and their own Shack sauce; the Philly Burger with sautéed onions, mushrooms and steak sauce; and the Burger from Hell with jalapeno peppers, habanero sauce and jack cheese. All of these burgers can be ordered with a 4 oz. or 8 oz. patty and are juicy and thick with an array of toppings, but you can always start simple and get a Shack Burger that is served with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and ketchup, or LTPOK, as the Burger Guy calls it.Here's Juicy Lucy!

Since no one gets just a burger, there are other options to order alongside your hearty helping of beef. The Burger Shack serves Piggies (hot dogs to us), Shack Wings and regular fries, Cajun fries, chili fries or cheese fries. The ICU Piggy might stick out the most because it smothers a grilled hot dog with bacon and cheese. And, you can wash all of this down with a Shack Shake in vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.

Oh, and don’t worry dieters and vegetarians, there are veggie burgers and salads too. Burger spots are popping out all over, but the Burger Shack stands a little taller than the rest with their attentive and friendly service. The owner gives the Shack a personality that will make you feel like you belong.

Also, (if you dare) sign up for their 48 oz. Burger Challenge to see if you can finish the 6 half ounce patties, chili cheese fries and your choice of shake. Only two people have mustered enough courage to conquer the tower of burgers and 15 have failed at making in onto the Burger Shack’s Wall of Success.

Burger Shack, 3672B Route 112, Coram, NY, 631.320.0303


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