My Hidden Favorite: Sumou

Who knew that there was a hibachi restaurant in Patchogue?

Who knew that they served delicious sushi in that same place?

Not many are aware of Sumou Japanese Restaurant in Patchogue, but those who are in the know belong to an elite group of people that appreciate great food. Honestly, I really don’t want to tell you about this one because I don’t want you to make me wait for a table when I go in. Sushi Rolls

People from around the community know the menu by heart and the sushi chefs by name. Regulars come in to enjoy their favorites and get excited for the periodic additions to the menu, and some even come in night after night to get their daily fix.

The chefs at the hibachi tables put on a show for diners and offer a full menu of meat or fish entrees cooked right before your eyes. Children are usually pleased with the live entertainment.

The sushi area of the menu is extensive, with new additions coming in 2 weeks when the new takeout menu is available. At the sushi bar, your food is created right before your eyes and they offer a complementary white fish tempura appetizer topped with a zesty orange sauce. Make sure you give it a taste because you won’t be disappointed and, hello, it’s free!

With the moderately priced menu options, you can leave with a full belly and a full wallet. Most sushi rolls a la carte are $4 – $14 and there are so many on the menu that even the squeamish are bound to find something they like. Among the list are the Black Pepper Tuna Roll ($9), the Rock N Roll ($7), the Onion Crunch Roll ($4), the Fuji Roll ($9) and the Dragon Roll ($9). The fresh ingredient list is endless and can be purchased in rolls, combos, salads, entrees, sashimi, noodle bowls, sukiyaki, teriyaki and tempura. Phew! There are a lot of options and you can try them all without going broke, but it may take several days or weeks.Sushi Rolls

Sumou Japanese Restaurant can compete with or even defeat other Long Island sushi greats like Kotobuki, Mizu or Tao Show.

Head into Sumou before Long Islanders outside Patchogue realize what they have been missing.

Sumou Japanese Restaurant, 760 Montauk Highway, Patchogue, NY, 631.475.8288


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