Bobby Flay’s Restaurant on Long Island

If you need a break from shopping or need to refuel after you’ve spent all of your money, Bobby’s Burger Palace at the Smith Haven Mall is the place to fill your belly. And, it was created by Food Network celebrity chef Bobby Flay who knows his way around a grill. Chef Claire Robinson even recommends the Buffalo Style Burger while filming “Best Thing I Ever Ate,” so these burgers aim to please.

When you walk in, you have to order your meal from the oversized menu on the wall, pay the cashier and then wait to be seated. In the meantime, fill up your cup with your choice of soda from the fountain and grab a straw. They may seat you at the bar where you will feel like you are at a café in San Francisco, or at a table where you might have to share the ketchup with some folks that you’ve never met.

The menu is full of burgers named after American cities with all kinds of toppings, like the L.A. Burger with avocado relish, the Santa Fe Burger with queso sauce or the Dallas Burger with BBQ sauce and coleslaw. There is also a “Burger of the Month” which might just be named after a city as well, like the Chicago Burger with banana peppers, sweet relish, American cheese, celery salt, onions, tomatoes and pickles. Also, if you want to make your burger “crunchified” you can do that too, and it just means that you can top your burger with potato chips for no additional cost.

The meat is juicy and seasoned, but if you aren’t into Angus beef, you can get a turkey burger or a chicken breast with your choice off the menu. There are also grilled cheese sandwiches on the menu and salads too, if you are feeling weak.

No burger is complete without a side of fries or onion rings, and neither are these. You can order fresh cut regular fries, sweet potato fries or humungous beer battered onion rings. The fries come with BBP fry sauce and the sweet potato fries come with honey mustard horseradish sauce. If you don’t dig either sauce, which is doubtful, you can choose to dip your fries or rings in one of the sauces from the rack at your seat, which includes chipotle ketchup, regular ketchup, mustard and a few others.

Just when you thought you had enough, you can get a shake to wash it all down. There is an array of creamy all natural shakes and malteds on the menu. You can even have a cola flavored milkshake or malted…fascinating.

Your cardiologist might not recommend a meal at Bobby’s Burger Palace, but plenty of people do because the burgers are delicious.

Bobby’s Burger Palace, Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove, NY, 631.382.9590



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