The Argyle: Not Just a Pattern

The first sign of a good restaurant is a great host or hostess. Just like the receptionist or assistant is representative of a great company because they are the actual face that all visitors, clients or customers see first. Fortunately, for The Argyle in Babylon, the host is so friendly,funny and accommodating.

The lighting is low in this all brick grill and tavern, with dark wood decor and small tables for intimate gatherings. The wine is poured with a heavy hand, which is refreshing to see in a restaurant and the martinis are served in deep martini glasses, as opposed to shallow glasses, which assist the drinker in spilling their cocktail all over their hand and the bar. Drink prices are reasonable, especially when ordering top shelf alcohol, and decrease during weekday happy hour when cocktails are fifty percent off.

The loaf of sour dough bread makes the first appearance at the table and it is hot and crusty. Rosemary-infused olive oil accompanies the bread for dipping and it is lovely, and doesn’t taste like vegetation, which a lot of rosemary-infused liquids tend to.

The appetizer Sea Bassmenu contains a variety of seafood options with Kobe Beef Sliders thrown in for those who don’t have a taste for the ocean. You can also find an appetizer on the specials menu and it might be the Trio Sampler which includes rice balls with marinara, sea scallops and chicken satay. The rice balls are creamy with a crunchy crust and the incorporation of the right amount of cheese and the correct cook time keep these little spheres from getting sticky or dry. The sea scallops are large and soft with a mustardy aioli and a surprising little kick. The chicken satay is not overdone and the flavor of the thick peanut sauce gives the smoky chicken a more substantial taste.

Dinner is an interesting mix of specialty steaks, seafood, sandwiches, salads and pasta dishes. Their Macadamia Nut Crusted Chilean Sea Bass is a buttery take on the fish, sitting on a vegetable and shrimp succotash with spinach. The creamy sauce helps the savory fish just melt in your mouth. You don’t even need to chew. The special Pan Seared Chipotle Honey Glazed Tuna on Sobe Noodles is delightfully sweet without being sugary. The lukewarm noodles and snow peapods pair nicely with the thin tuna slices.Apple Tart

At The Argyle, you shouldn’t pass up dessert and the waitress or waiter will show you why. The dessert menu includes fresh fruit, cheesecake, chocolate cake and an Apple Tart a la Mode. The tart arrives warm with a hearty helping of thick whipped cream and creamy vanilla ice cream. Also on the plate are zigzags of mango and raspberry sauces to pleasurably try with your forkful of warm apple. You can find your own delightful ending to your sweet or savory meal, whether it be a kiss from your mate or a slice of the Jack Daniel’s Chocolate Pecan Pie. Every meal is stitched together flawlessly and without a trace of disappointment from any table.

The Argyle, 90 Deer Park Avenue, Babylon Village, NY, 631.321.4900.


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