Romance on Long Island

To be honest, you shouldn’t feel the need to suck face in public, especially where people are eating, but if you must, here is a list of restaurants where romance is just pouring out the windows:

  1. Milk & Sugar Café in Bay Shore has snuggly couches so you and your date can cozy up while sharing a jumbo dessert for two. Just don’t take the last bite; no one likes that.
  2. Tellers in Islip will give you and your special someone the privacy you deserve while nurturing your love for one another and conquering that delicious Filet Mignon. The vaulted, coffered ceilings and extra long window treatments add to the elegance. Oh, and there is a special Valentine’s Day menu for the extended weekend.
  3. Cooperage Inn in Baiting Hollow is intimate with its collection of dining rooms that feel like living rooms adorned with fireplaces and warm colors. This spot is relaxing and not too quiet, so if you like to talk and laugh, you can.
  4. City Cellar in Westbury has a massive wine list with tons of options to help you loosen up around your date, but don’t drink so much wine that you forget to eat because the food is delicious. It is open late just in case the wine and the conversation are both flowing.
  5. Pace’s Steakhouse in Port Jefferson or Hauppauge has a wait staff that tends to your every need. They can explain every detail of your meal because they have it committed to memory. What’s more romantic and special than being catered to? I can’t think of anything.
  6. Besito in Huntington, with its lanterns scattered about and comfy booths to choose from, is perfect for a flavorful date. With a few tacos, a couple enchiladas and maybe a few shots of tequila you will start practicing rolling your R’s in no time. But beware, the menu does say that all beverages should be enjoyed “slowly and respectfully” and so should your date.
  7. Jedediah’s in Jamesport will make you and your significant other just feel fancy with its fireplaces, chandeliers and pruned gardens, or sparkly snow, depending on what time of year you go. You can also reserve a room at the Inn if your dinner gets you hot and bothered, and it’s not from the fireplace.
  8. Gemellis in Babylon gives the feel of being in a wine cellar and a private cottage at the same time and it may make you want to slurp up linguini with your partner like Lady and the Tramp. As a bonus, the entire menu is in Italian, which makes everything just a bit sexier.

After dinner, and hopefully dessert, try to keep from kissing until you get back into the car. Especially if you have the Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, then you may need to wait until you have a mint too.


What do you think? Let me know.

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