How May, Not a Question

Living in New York, you grow accustomed to eating good Chinese food and just know what places to avoid. You almost take it for granted, until you leave the state and realize that Panda Express is your only option. In NY no Chinese food restaurant really makes a serious impression on you because they all seem the same, but How May in Patchogue stands out among the rest of the paper menu, 10-minute order, metropolitan Chinese eateries.

At How May you can either eat-in, take-out or have your food delivered. They have a full table service restaurant where they serve crunchy Chinese noodles with duck sauce while you wait for your food to arrive. When asking for a chicken dish, like their Sesame Chicken, you can opt for the option of all white meat and they will comply. You will actually be able to see the shreds of the chicken, unlike other restaurants where you question whether or not the meat you are eating is in fact chicken.

Their Roast Pork Lo Mein is not greasy and includes shreds of tasty pork. In each dish, you can taste every ingredient, for instance, the broccoli in the Chicken with Broccoli is crunchy and fresh, and the chicken is not smothered in sauce, so you can taste what you are eating without being distracted by an abundance of salt or sugar. Another bonus that is not common to most Chinese food restaurants is the soft, yet crunchiness of the Roast Pork Egg Roll. The noodle is crispy but not so much that it cuts the roof of your mouth, and it isn’t soggy like other egg rolls you might come across in NY. Even that little girl with the blond curly hair would love it because it is “just right.”

The only reason you will feel gross after eating your meal will be because you overate, not because the food was a grease fest. How May gives each dish the attention it deserves and their patrons can tell, which is why they have been coming in for decades.

How May Kitchen, 743 Montauk Highway, Patchogue, NY, 631.289.0002



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