Difficult Name, Delicious Food: O Pinheirinho

O Pinheirinho on Suffolk Avenue in Brentwood is a quiet and modest restaurant, well if you don’t count the noisy catering hall in their basement where they host parties. The food is Portuguese so there are the ever-popular meat dishes available, but the menu has a strong seafood presence with codfish, sole, shellfish and a colorful Octopus Salad.

Unique selections on the menu include a Fried Quail, which you don’t see every day, and the appetizer of the Portuguese Flamed Sausage is made tableside on, you guessed it, an open flame. The sausage has a salty and smoky taste, and it is served sliced in bite-size spheres.

There are plenty of other options to start your meal, such as soups, salads and tempting seafood dishes. The beverages do not cower in the corner of the menu either. The Sangria is a fruity and refreshing accompaniment to any meal. The chunks of fruit drown in a bath of red wine and sweet juice. Some were even saying it was the “best they had ever tasted.” If you are looking to try something a little different and for a reasonable price, drive over to O Pinheirinho in Brentwood, and don’t worry, the menu is translated for you. Unfortunately, you cannot review their menu because they do not have a website, but you can trust that they offer good food.

O Pinheirinho, 836 Suffolk Avenue, Brentwood, NY, 631.951.0607


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