Getting Wild at the Wildhorse Saloon

During a quick stay in Nashville, TN, we stopped into the Wildhorse Saloon where there is good food, live music, cold drinks and line dancing. What else do you really need?

The night we were there, they didn’t have a scheduled concert but the live music was supplied by an artist named Les Richardson who played a variety of songs that I would have filed under country music and classic rock. His covers were the perfect background tunes for me to enjoy my cold beer and hot wings. I ordered their Blazin’ Buffalo Wings and they were served in a guitar-shaped metal basket with celery, carrots and Bleu Cheese dressing. The wings were sweet and saucy at first and then got hot, which surprised me a little bit. It was like a smack in the face. They were very good though, one of the best, hotter, wings I have ever tasted. I don’t eat much hot food because I think the heat takes away from the taste, but these wings I actually enjoyed until the spice kicked in. Also, I made sure to ask for more celery to cool my taste buds down a little bit. Thank God for the celery and the beer. They both assisted in lessening the pain I felt in my mouth and on my lips.

The first beer I chose to try was the Yazoo Pale Ale which came in a souvenir pilsner glass that had the bar’s logo on one side and name and location on the other side. It was a perfect souvenir since TK tries to purchase a pilsner glass at every location we visit, but the beer wasn’t my favorite, which was actually my fault. I should have known because I don’t usually like pale ales, but I was able to switch to Blue Moon and continue to slap my knee, sing along and line dance. The bars are called “honkey tonks” down in Nashville and they have the personality to assume such a cool distinction. The upbeat music, the friendly people and the no-nonsense food give Nashville a distinct personality that permeates through the city itself. For instance, the instructor who taught everyone the nightly line dances actually came over to my mother and I and honestly thanked us for getting up and joining in the routine. It was my pleasure. All of it was.

Wildhorse Saloon, 120 2nd Avenue N., Nashville, TN, 615.902.8200


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