Best Donuts Ever…No, Seriously!

While strolling through the streets of Gatlinburg, TN, we came across The Village Shops. This little fantastic cul-de-sac housed several little quaint boutiques and one marvel in particular: The Donut Friar. My dad heard about this place on television and just knew he had to find it while we were in Gatlinburg. Lucky enough for us, we found it on our first day in town.

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The owner gets up at 3 a.m. to bake that day’s selection and then the shop opens at 5 a.m. for the morning commute to who knows where because they are in the Smoky Mountains. I just wonder what they must taste like that early in the morning when they are fresh from the oven … OK, let me stop because my mouth is going to start to water.

When you walk in the wooden door to The Donut Friar, you can smell the hundreds of donuts for sale. In the display case, the donuts were all nestled nicely just waiting for lucky visitors to come pick and eat them. And, I was there to assist them with this goal.

There were several varieties to choose from and they were all around $1. I chose the chocolate iced cake donut and was so glad I did (still am!). The chocolate icing was gooey and sweet and the cake was dense yet light. It was most certainly the best donut I had ever eaten.

These donuts were so good that we decided we would come back the day before our departure to pick up a dozen to eat on our way back to NY. The second donut I chose, five days later, was the chocolate iced chocolate cake donut and it was delicious too. Even after the donut had been in the fridge, the cake wasn’t stale and the icing wasn’t flaky.  Just perfect.

However, I have done my research and found out that The Donut Friar does not ship their donuts to New Yorkers who need them, so I am asking, nicely, if anyone goes to The Donut Friar in The Village Shops, can you please bring me a cinnamon cake donut? That is the one kind that I didn’t get to taste and it may just haunt me for the rest of my life. I’ll even give you my address or you can give me your address and I will just come to your house … I am being totally serious.

Moral of the story: Donut Friar = Best Donuts Ever!

The Donut Friar, 634 Parkway, Shop 15, Gatlinburg, TN, 865.436.7306


3 thoughts on “Best Donuts Ever…No, Seriously!

  1. Bavarian Creme and cinnamon twists are the ultimate!!!

  2. These donuts are the real deal! Their cinnamon bread is good too but it can be hard to get at times due to availability.

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