Road Trip = A Visit to Cracker Barrel

On our way to Tennessee, we stopped at the first Cracker Barrel we came across in Clinton, NJ. It was set up the same as all of the other Cracker Barrels I have been to throughout the years. This time though, they had a mini-yard sale outside on the porch. I couldn’t find anything that interested me because I don’t decorate in cows, pigs or western gear, so we went inside to eat and decided to shop in their country store on the way out. When we sat down, I ordered the Ham N’ Biscuits with Macaroni & Cheese. The macaroni and cheese was creamy and good, just like it is supposed to be at a southern-themed restaurant. The biscuits were fluffy and the ham was salty goodness until it started to get cool, then it was tough to tear through. So I just finished up my mac & cheese until I got full and then I tried to forget that the ham disappointed me. The Razzles and giant Sweet Tarts they were selling in the country store helped me forget all about the ham. Cracker Barrel is still one of my favorite places to eat and stop while on a road trip because I do love a good theme.

Cracker Barrel, 6 Frontage Road, Clinton, NJ, 908.713.9205


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