Heading South to Bob Evans

Another stop we made while traveling down to Tennessee was at Bob Evans in Wytheville, VA and they were just as sweet as pie there. They were so nice that our waitress was named Penny and she complimented me on my hair. Love that! OK, back to food … I ordered the Cheddar Baked Potato Soup for my meal and it was delicious. There were big chunks of potatoes and smoky cheddar cheese rounded out with crumbled salty bacon and some scallions.

I know you are wondering why I am reviewing a franchise, but some people don’t have the option in their lives to eat at big fancy restaurants where the potatoes are priced separately from the steak and the wine is only sold by the bottle. Some people like their steak on the same plate as their starch and look for reviews to find out if that steak is any good before they spend the $14.99, and that is where I come in. So there it is…

P.S. Bob Evans also has good pie, but I am not into pie so I am just taking their word for it.

Bob Evans, 190 Lithia Road, Wytheville, VA, 276.228.6999


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