Food for Yards, Beer for Miles

While on our vacation in Arizona, we took a trip to the Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale and stumbled upon a great place called The Yard House. As soon as we walked in, the host was as friendly as ever asking TK about his favorite kind of beer and with his answer of New Castle, the host suggested a beer called Moose Drool, which is made at Big Sky Brewery in Montana. TK loved it because he loves brown ales. The bar had 150 beers on their million dollar tap system, so the menu read like Santa Claus’ list of gifts for the frat guys of the world. Unlike TK, I ordered a more female brew with my choice of Lost Coast Great White, which is a wheat beer with citrus flavors and an aroma of fresh cut flowers, interestingly enough. It was crisp and since there were so many other beers to try, it was a great starter beer.

Then, in order to not get drunk in 10 minutes, we ordered the lobster, crab and artichoke dip. It was creamy with chunks of delicious lobster and crab in a cheesy dip that we sopped up with tortilla chips and bread. We were big fans of this salty, gooey starter. Along with the appetizer, TK ordered a chowder and I ordered a salad. My salad had corn and cheese in it, which was a welcome surprise and TK’s New England clam chowder was chunky, creamy and wonderful.

After another choice of beers where I got the Four Peaks Sunbru and TK got the Rogue Hazelnut Brown, we ordered our entrees. TK got the Parmesan Crusted Chicken, which he made sure to tell me was delicious and I got the Jerk Chicken with Shrimp Stack. My entree was swimming in tomatillo and chili sauces. The spice was a little too much for me. The shrimp was good but I ran out of steam quickly, so I couldn’t finish the rest of my meal.

But, I had room for dessert, which I had to wait a little while for because our knowledgeable and friendly waiter, Dustin arranged for us to get a tour of the keg room by the manager, Matt. He was very accommodating and made sure we got the VIP treatment. He even asked if I had a sweater because he was worried that the keg room would be too cold for me. Well, it was freezing, but to be in the company of 150 full kegs of cold beer was well worth it. When we got back to the table, we chatted with Matt for a bit while I ate my mini chocolate souffle. The center of this cake was so moist and creamy, it was a great “almost” ending to our meal. I say “almost” because we ordered another round of beer. It was Pyramid Audacious Apricot for me and another Moose Drool for TK. I think this beer was my favorite of the night, so it was a good idea to end with it.

The customer service at this location was phenomenal, from the host that suggested a beer to the waiter that was on top of everything to the manager that took time out of his evening to give us a free tour. Any time a Yard House is in close proximity, we will be heading back. There are more than 100 beers left to try…

The Yard House, 7014 East Camelback Rd, Scottsdale, AZ, 480.675.9273


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