Thai Food in Patchogue

My friends have tried to get me to eat Thai food for a while now, but I was afraid that it would be too spicy for me. Well, like Chinese food, not all of it is spicy.

Some people describe Thai food as a healthier version of American Chinese food. The sauces are lighter, the noodles are thinner and the veggies are similar.

So, my friends and I headed to Lawan in Patchogue on Friday night. We were able to sit right down at a table near the window and soon enough the waitress came over for our drink order. There was a Thai Iced Tea that my friend Leslie ordered. It was like a liquid creamsicle with a little hint of cinnamon. Very interesting beverage. When I go back, I will get it at the end of my meal to sip, not to enjoy along with my meal. It just tasted to creamy to pair with a meal of noodles and veggies.

For appetizer, Colleen and I shared the Goong Home Pah, a spring roll with shrimp, ground chicken and spices. It wasn’t spicy, it was crispy and sweet when paired with the dipping sauce. The plum sauce was like a duck sauce with some added sweetness. We enjoyed it as a great start to our meal.

As my entrée, I was going to order Pahd Thai but I don’t like tofu, no matter how small they said the chunks were, and I was able to read all the ingredients in the menu items, so I decided on Goey See Mee instead. It was a stir fry of thin egg noodles, white meat chicken, bamboo shoots, baby corn, mushrooms (that I gave to Colleen) and scallions. The sauce that the noodles and veggies were tossed in was sweet and not heavy at all. The ingredients tasted fresh and all paired wonderfully.

I really enjoyed my first Thai experience and will go back again. Especially because the prices were very reasonable. Thai food in Patchogue, who knew? Well, apparently all of my friends did and I am glad they suggested it to me.

Lawan, 13 East Main Street, Patchogue, NY, 631.687.1313


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