A Wedding Meal at Lombardi’s on the Sound

Lombardi's on the Sound

Lombardi’s on the Sound in Port Jeff

I attended a wedding this past weekend at Lombardi’s on the Sound in Port Jefferson and the food was very enjoyable, oh and the wedding was fun too.

During the cocktail hour, I enjoyed the pasta station, the eggplant parmesan, the green beans, the rice balls and the salads. One of the best items served during the cocktail hour was the bruschetta. It was cold and delicious.

When we sat down in the ballroom, we were given salad and wine was already supplied on the table. The salad didn’t have enough dressing on it, but the fresh mozzarella cheese that flanked the leafy greens was delicious. You could definitely tell that the mozzarella was fresh. It had the right amount of creaminess and saltiness. I even stole a slice from TK’s plate. Then the wait staff brought us our intermezzo course and it was a lemony citrus sorbet. Quite refreshing.

For my entrée, I ordered the Shrimp Oregonata. It was just the right amount of food crusted in breadcrumbs and served with a wine sauce. It was so delicious, I felt the need to share it with TK. I was feeling generous! I also enjoyed the accompaniments. There was a seasoned potato croquette and green beans with olive oil. I didn’t leave anything on my plate, well except for the lemon that I didn’t need to use for my shrimp. There was just no need.

When the cake was cut and passed, I was too full from the entire dinner and salad courses I devoured. I tasted the cake and its cannoli filling. It was sweet and fluffy even though I did not finish it.

Lombardi’s on the Sound, 44 Fairway Drive, Port Jefferson, NY, 631.473.1440


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