Drinking All Over the Coliseum

Mmmm...beerThis year, TK received free tickets to the International Great Beer Expo from one of his vendors, so we went. (Like we were going to pass up free tickets to taste 100 beers from around the world, honestly…) So, in the rain, we drove to the Nassau Coliseum, parked the car and entered the exhibit hall. They handed us mini plastic pilsners and put purple bracelets on our wrists. We were in!

The whole hall is set up like a college fair. There are tables upon tables set up with representatives from over 50 breweries and their respective flags hung above their table …like a college fair. What wasn’t like a college fair was that I could walk right up to any table and ask to taste any of their beers and they just filled my cup to the acceptable line and gave it back to me to enjoy, sometimes even with a sticker or a coaster.

While taking a taste tour, some beers I really enjoyed were:
– Palm
– Sam Adams Cherry Wheat
– Sam Adams Imperial White
– Long Ireland Celtic Ale
– Southampton Pumpkin Ale
– Hoegaarden (but I knew that already!)
– Blue Moon (knew also!)
– Full Moon
– NEW Bud Light Golden Wheat

Of course, if you are going to be tasting beer for a few hours, you should really eat something too, so we had pretzels and hot dogs while we walked around. They also offered bratwurst and some Oktoberfest German stew, but I wasn’t sure if those would sit well with the raspberry mead I also tried. They also had workshops with featured speakers that we did not attend.

The event was a great time and no one was obnoxious during the first of the two sessions they had that day. Everyone was polite and wanted to just have a great time, so we followed suit. I think next year we will have to revisit this beer fest and invite some friends to tag along.

International Great Beer Expo, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, 1255 Hempstead Turnpike, Uniondale, NY


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