Ate a Whole Kingdom of Animals at Animal Kingdom

Decor in Tusker House

Decor in Tusker House

At the end of a day at Animal Kingdom, we headed to Tusker House for some traditional African fare. My family was not ready for all of the spices and the array of foreign entrees, which was evident from the grunts and groans with every bite. I, on the other hand, found my food very interesting.

There was hummus, but it was very watery, so I just ate the slices of pita bread plain. Some of the salads were conventional but others were just mismatched, like cucumber salad with mint. There were some other dishes that were not tempting, like the tofu, and confusing, like the cold cut plate. I chose to eat the Seafood Stew which was creamy, Rotisserie Pork Loin which was peppery, Basmati Rice and the Orzo Pasta. The Curry Chicken was pretty good but curry was all I could really taste. The desserts also left much to be desired. There was whole fruit, bread pudding and a variety of pastries, including brownies and cookies. The most satisfying part of the meal was the Safari Amber, a bottled beer that is only available at Animal Kingdom. It was refreshing and delicious. TK had a different African beer that was light and just as good, but the name of it escapes me.

I like trying new things so I didn’t mind eating at Tusker House, however, I was told by almost all of my family members that we probably won’t be going back. At least I got to try it.

Tusker House, Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, FL


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