Had to Place Ourselves at Pace’s



For our one year anniversary, TK and I headed out to Pace’s Steakhouse in Port Jefferson to celebrate the occasion. We had an early reservation so it was empty for a Saturday evening. The hostess sat us next to the window and we ordered our drinks from our first waiter. I had Chardonnay and TK had a Sam Adams. The next time the waiter came over he rattled off all of the appetizer and dinner specials. We felt slightly bad for him but also knew that our dinners would be special because most items on the menu are customizable and made fresh.

We started off with two bowls of Seafood Bisque and the Baked Clams. The baked clams came out first and the waiter served us each our own. You could taste the chunks of clam but the breading was moist and full of clams and spices too.  The bisque was delicious. It was creamy with a kick and there were large chunks of white fish that I couldn’t put my finger on while eating. I have noticed that the darker the orange coloring of a seafood bisque, the more delicious it is. This bisque was a lovely pumpkin orange color.

As an entree, I ordered one of the specials, Stuffed Shrimp, which the second waiter brought over to our table. I know I should have ordered steak at a steakhouse but I was doing so well ordering seafood that I just kept on going. There were a handful of jumbo shrimp with a creamy sauce drizzled over each of them. They were big enough to cut into four bite-size pieces and enjoy. I also had a few forkfuls of Garlic Mashed Potatoes but they weren’t worth wasting space in my belly with, so I had the Garlic and Oil Broccoli that we ordered as a side. The broccoli was light, crunchy and fresh. If I could have fit any more after my shrimp, I would have. TK had the Angus Steak that was about three inches thick and incredibly moist. I wouldn’t say the meat was like butter because that seems kind of silly, but it was very soft and very good.

All in all, we had a very enjoyable meal for our first anniversary and even though it is a little pricey for our pockets, we will go back to Pace’s for the quality of their food, menu and service.

Pace’s Steakhouse, 318 Wynn Lane, Port Jefferson, NY, 631.331.9200


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