Ethnic Dishes and Granted Wishes

Fountain in Coronado Springs

Fountain in Coronado Springs

The Maya Grill is found in Coronado Springs, a Spanish-tiled convention hotel in Walt Disney World. The setting makes you feel like you are strolling down a street in Mexico right after a jubilant festival.

I started my dinner with the Heart of Romaine Caesar Salad. It was a full heart of crisp Romaine lettuce with creamy dressing. It was hearty and delicious. There was just the right amount of dressing drizzled over the greens. Then, I had the Seafood Jalea for my entree. It is a medley of shrimp, white fish and calamari in a red sauce. I wasn’t really that impressed and couldn’t finish the whole thing. Honestly, I wished there was another helping of the Caesar Salad to replace the Seafood Jalea, but I made do.  For dessert, my cousin and I shared the Churro with Vanilla Ice Cream. It was light and creamy with a hint of sweetness from the warm bananas. It was delightful how they turned what has been known as  a carnival treat into an elegant confection. I also washed my meal down with a refreshing Caipirinha, which is like a mojito, but it doesn’t have any mint or club soda, so it is more refreshing.

Even though the entree wasn’t all I hoped it would be, the setting, the salad and the dessert were all very enchanting.

Maya Grill, Coronado Springs Resort, Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, FL

Churro with Vanille Ice Cream

Churro with Vanille Ice Cream


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