Public House 49 is Open to the Public

Public House 49

Public House 49

Today, I enjoyed having lunch at Public House 49 on Main Street in Patchogue. The restaurant/bar has a great location adjacent to the Patchogue Theatre and is a pretty large space which they utilize with numerous booths and tables. The decor is clean and simple with dark wood and soft accents.

I chose my lunch from a predetermined luncheon menu and had the Grilled Chicken BLT on Flatbread. It came with potato wedges and cole slaw. The meal was very good, with chunks of seasoned grilled chicken laying on a bed of shredded lettuce, cut bacon, tomato and mayo. The flatbread was soft and pliable but I chose to eat with a fork and knife. It was a business lunch after all and I am a lady, sort of.

A few Fridays ago during Alive After Five, I went to Public House 49 for drinks and the DJ was spinning old school music like Debarge, Michael Jackson and The Commodores. It was an interesting mix and we loved it. I inquired about the DJ’s schedule and a friend of the owners told me that there is a DJ on both Friday and Saturday nights.

I can see Public House 49 being a popular place in Patchogue because the location is large, the food is good, the drinks flow and the music is diverse. I know I will be there again soon.

Public House 49, 49 East Main Street, Patchogue, NY, 631.569.2767


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