Mangia Mangia…and we did!

(This establishment no longer exists.)

We had dinner on a Saturday night at a place called Mangia Mangia in Patchogue that is owned by the Delfiori family. They now own this restaurant, a pizza shop, a pork store and a burrito shop called Muchachos that I have not eaten at yet.  Mangia Mangia serves mainly Italian dishes and desserts.

During this meal, we started with the Fried Calamari (Calamari Fritti) and the Baked Clams for appetizer. The Fried Calamari were light and moist. The Baked Clams Oreganata were small but they were good. The filling included whole clams with breading. There were about 8 of them. For my entree, I had the special, which was a Prosciutto-wrapped Filet Mignon with Spinach Gnocchi, Broccoli and a Stuffed Mushroom. It was the perfect mix of tastes. The meat, with its juices, was tender and delicious. It was a good size cut of meat too. The gnocchi was a very subtle pairing and it was also enjoyable. Then, for dessert, I had the Flourless Chocolate Cake with fresh whipped cream and even though it was flourless,  it was not flavorless. It was the perfect sweet ending to a delicious meal.

Around the table, there were no complaints and everyone was very happy with their choice. Just a tip, if you don’t like your food spicy, just ask for it without the spice and they will comply. Jeanine was our waitress and she was very kind, accommodating and knowledgeable about the menu. As an Italian, I was glad that they had real tomato sauce which made the meal very authentic.  Mangia Mangia was a great local experience.


2 thoughts on “Mangia Mangia…and we did!

  1. Hi nice blog 🙂 I can see a lot of effort has been put in.

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