Mmmm…Lobster and for $13.99

(This location is now under new ownership and is named Long Island Ale House.)

Sometimes when I head out, I like to eat a small meal or an appetizer, and sometimes I like to share a lobster dinner with my husband … well not really, but I did one night. A Saturday night at Global Sports Cafe allowed me to do so. They have lobster dinners for $13.99 and the lobster is really yummy. I had to teach my husband how to make it edible but he followed directions quite nicely.

We had lobster, broccoli and mashed potatoes for one set fee and we did not leave hungry. Who knew there was such a deal, at a bar no less? We even ate while listening to a really great band, Urban Acoustic. I think Saturday is band night at Global, like many other bars on Long Island, so after 9 p.m., there is a cover charge to get in. But, if you arrive early for a lobster dinner and stay to hear the band play, you miss the cover charge entirely. Anyway, Urban Acoustic was playing and they are really good. They play covers of Pearl Jam, 80’s rock, Rusted Root and other bands that have hits that I know the words to. I also saw a sign for a Prime Rib special while we ate. Apparently, you can have land or sea for under 20 bucks on a Saturday night. I don’t know how long these specials will last so get in there now if you have a 20 burning a hole in your pocket and you want to have a good meal.

Global Sports Cafe, 2016 Route 112, Medford, NY, 631.569.5515


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